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We have created a series of guidelines to help you in the correct use of our brand

Use of our brand material

By using Sonocom brands, you agree to follow these guidelines, our rules and policies. Sonocom reserves the right to cancel, modify or change the authorization of these guidelines at any time in its sole discretion. Please consult us before using our logo on any physical or digital media, or for any other commercial or service use. For more information on the use of Sonocom's name and trademarks, please contact proyectos@sonocom.es


Sonocom Audiovisuales

Logo variant

When the logo is displayed in a context where the brand is not recognized we have the possibility of including a name at the bottom where its activity is recognized.

Sonocom Audiovisuales Variante


Use our icons when you mention the Sonocom brand.

Sonocom Audiovisuales Variante
Sonocom Audiovisuales Variante

Actions not allowed

You must respect the following cases not allowed to ensure the proper use of the brand and avoid undesired results in its application.

  • Don't modify the design or color of our assets.
  • It is not allowed to stylize, deform or modify its color or shape.
  • If, for technical reasons, you can't use the right color, you can use black and white.
  • Do not use icons or images to represent Sonocom that do not appear on this site.
  • No distortion of the Sonocom brand.

For more information about the brand and its permissions please contact us.

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